• Price:
  • 5 OR per hour

Reach new heights on the 8-meter climbing elements at Clip ‘n Climb! No rope skills or climbing partner required. Simply put on a waist harness (our staff will help you) and clip on to the safety line of our Tru Blue automatic belay system. Climb as high as you can, then simply let go, and the Tru Blue will bring you down safe and sound. Our centre has different climbing walls, each with funky, colourful designs and varying levels of difficulty. Each wall has a cool name like the Stairway to Heaven, Twisted, Skyscraper, Big Cheese and so many more.

Climbing is also a massive confidence builder for children (and us ‘big kids’!). Conquering our fears and making it to the top can have an extraordinary effect on young people. If they don’t succeed first, they can come back and try again.

Note: Closed toe shoes must be worn, eg: Sneakers (no sandals or flip flops).