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Our Breathtaking Activities

Please note that activities differ from location to another.


Trampo Extreme has endless rows of individuals trampolines for you to jump in the main arenas, as well as other activities such as:

  • Dodgeball: Work as a team, defend your target and hit your opponents'.
  • Foam Pit: Jump into a big pool of soft and squishy foam cubes for a super soft, super safe landing. Swing on the monkey bar, rope and twist ladder.
  • Battle Beam: Super-cool jousting arena at Trampo Extreme with colorful foam pits on either side. Keep your balance and knock your friends off the beam.
  • Trapeze: Embrace your inner acrobat with our trapeze only at Trampo Extreme. Show your moves before landing in the foam pit!
  • Basketball: If basketball is your thing, get some air into your shots on our trampoline basketball hoops.
  • Airbag: The airbag is a perfect way to practice your flips with a soft and safe landing!
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Reach new heights on the 8-meter climbing elements at Clip ‘n Climb! Climb as high as you can, then simply let go, and the Tru Blue will bring you down safe and sound. Our center has different climbing walls, each with funky, colorful designs and varying levels of difficulty. Each wall has a cool name like the Stairway to Heaven, Twisted, Skyscraper, Big Cheese and so many more. 

Climbing is also a massive confidence builder for children (and us ‘big kids’!). Conquering our fears and making it to the top can have an extraordinary effect on young people. If they don’t succeed first, they can come back and try again.


Closed toe shoes must be worn, eg: Sneakers (no sandals or flip flops).


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Soft Play

Trampo Junior by ‘PLAY’ Kuwait is a safe, fun, colorful and stimulating soft play zone for our youngest kids to enjoy!  Full of cool slides, tunnels, towers and games, your preschooler or toddler can spend hours here and do so much for so little! Included in the entry is unlimited jumping fun on our Junior Trampoline area with its very own foam pit. This is great place for the little ones to stay safe away from the big kids in our main jumping area.   

  • All children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult parent or guardian (included in the entrance fee). 
  • Trampo Extreme Jump socks must be worn.
  • Jump socks from other trampoline parks are not permitted as we cannot guarantee their safety.


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